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For Mac users, QuickBooks for Mac offers all the benefits of QuickBooks with added functionality and seamless integration with your Mac computer. In this article, we will explore the features and advantages of QuickBooks for Mac and help you determine if it’s the right choice for your business.

QuickBooks desktop mac 2023

QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2023

QuickBooks For Mac Features

Newer editions of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac are subscription-based, in contrast to prior versions, and customers must renew their licenses annually. Also, they will have free access to data recovery services, customer support, and other features, such as the following:


  • Link to QuickBooks extensions such as payments and payroll.

  • Upload receipts, then add them to existing transactions or match them to new ones.

  • To-do list for customer statements.

  • Create rules that will automatically classify consumers into groups according to factors like customer type, location, balance, etc.

  • Excel export for register.

  • classify downloaded bank transactions automatically.

  • Transactions are sorted by class.

  • Use Gmail to send emails securely.

  • Sort saved transactions into categories like void, past due, cleared, and so on.

  • Personalize purchase orders, estimates, receipts for goods sold, and statements.

QuickBooks for Mac Plus can be useful if you’re just getting started. But, this edition of QuickBooks can be constrained if you intend to grow your company or foresee more sophisticated needs in the future.

All Features of QuickBooks For Mac

QuickBooks Desktop Mac

  • Automatic payment reminders.
  • Statement e-payments
  • Combine invoice emails
  • Sales tax codes
  • e-File 1099s

Track Inventory


  • Monitor your purchases, the cost of your purchases, and get alerts when your stock is running low.
  • Inventory adjustments for loss, theft, and shrinkage are simple.
  • To keep track of what is ordered, create purchase orders.

Track Sales Tax


  • Specify which clients and what goods are taxable.
  • Automatically track sales tax for the entire month.
  • Run sales tax liability reports to determine your exact obligations.
quickbooks Invoicing



  • Generate accurate quotes and invoices.
  • invoice for products, services, billable hours, and expenses.
  • Collect payments directly from your invoices and notify customers about unpaid invoices.
  • To manage your cash flow, get real-time visibility into the status of your invoices.

Manage Bills & Accounts Payable


  • Keep track of invoices and purchase orders in one location.
  • Easily take care of outstanding payments while maintaining cash flow.
  • Automatically apply discounts for early payment.
  • To quickly handle payments, view unpaid invoices from a vendor.

Pricing of QuickBooks For Mac


Starts at $549 per year for one user.

Maximum number of users

Three; all users must be on the same network.

Ease of sharing with accountants

When your accountant is in the file, you cannot edit it, and conversion might be challenging if your accountant uses a different version of QuickBooks.


There are just a few third-party connectors available for QuickBooks Mac Plus, and it can only support up to three users. Even though QuickBooks Enterprise has a greater user capacity, it’s only accessible to subscribers using Windows.

Ease of use

The user interface of QuickBooks Desktop software is often older than that of QuickBooks Online. Lack of cloud hosting limits accessibility.

Convert QuickBooks for Windows File to QuickBooks for Mac

If you are a QuickBooks user, you may have run into the problem of needing to convert your QuickBooks for Windows file to QuickBooks for Mac 2023. This can be a frustrating issue as both versions of the software have different file formats that are not compatible with each other. However, there is good news: it is possible to convert your Windows file to Mac and continue using your financial data seamlessly.

Step 1: On the Windows system

  • Install the most recent version of QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.


QuickBooks for windows

  • Open the file as the admin.
  • Now choose the utilities option from the file menu. Additionally, you must choose the copy business file option for QuickBooks Mac and follow the on-screen instructions. A MAC.qbb file will be produced by QuickBooks.


QuickBooks for mac

  • The warning “It looks like QuickBooks for Windows might be a better fit for the company” will show up. Make careful to examine the data that Windows hasn’t transformed. Activate Yes by clicking to proceed.
  • The next step is to go to the folder where you want to store the file, give it a name, and then choose to save. Please make sure the file name contains special characters.
  • Use any storage device, such as a USB flash drive, to transfer the file to the Mac.


Step 2: Restoring the Mac.qbb backup on the Mac


A Mac.The qbb file, which you may restore in QuickBooks for Mac, is essentially a duplicate of the business file from QuickBooks desktop. These are the stages involved in this process:

  • The most recent version of QuickBooks desktop for Mac is scheduled to be updated.


QuickBooks desktop

  • The backup must then be copied to the Mac’s documents folder.
  • Reopen QuickBooks Desktop for Mac and choose the file and open company options once you have done so.
  • Next, select the Mac.qbb file and select open.


QuickBooks Desktop For mac 2023

  • Moving on, choose OK when prompted whether you want to restore a QuickBooks for Windows file.
  • Lastly, enter a name for the restored file and select save.